The Napa Valley's Leader in Martial Arts for over 20 years

Sidekicks Martial Arts is more than just Fighting !

Sidekicks was founded on our Children's Youth Taekwondo Classes. They are for Children age's 5 years old on up.This class is a Traditional Taekwondo class that teaches Respect, Courtesy, Focus, Goal Setting & Self Defense. Kids start out in this class then advance up to other classes with as many as 5-6 days a week if you wish. Kids will eventually learn all of the Traditional Taekwondo Poomse (Forms), they will eventually be introduced to Kryogi (Olympic Style Sparring) will learning in a very respectful supportive enviroment.

Youth Taekwondo

Sidekicks Youth Classes have produced

more AAU and USAT National 

Champion's  than any other program in the

North Bay for over 20 years!