Sidekicks Martial Arts is more than just Fighting !

Sidekicks was founded on our Children's Youth Taekwondo Classes. They are for Children age's 5 years old on up.This class is a Traditional Taekwondo class that teaches Respect, Courtesy, Focus, Goal Setting & Self Defense. Kids start out in this class then advance up to other classes with as many as 5-6 days a week if you wish. Kids will eventually learn all of the Traditional Taekwondo Poomse (Forms), they will eventually be introduced to Kryogi (Olympic Style Sparring) will learning in a very respectful supportive enviroment.

The Napa Valley's Leader in Martial Arts for over 20 years

Youth Taekwondo

Sidekicks Youth Classes have produced

more AAU and USAT National 

Champion's  than any other program in the

North Bay for over 20 years!