There is something we have learned over the years here at Sidekicks. History is who & what you are and where you came from. We should never want to change that History or it will change who we are and what we have today. Sidekicks Martial Art's has a long history of Martial Arts here in the Napa Valley.  No less that 10,000 students have stepped on the mats at our Dojang and that is a history we are very proud of. Are you ready to be part of the next 10,000 students ? Whether it is Self Defense, or a great physical fitness that doesn't require sitting on a stationary bike for hours of mindless pedaling (hahaha)or the Traditional Taekwondo aspect of it Sidekicks has what your looking for. Come see what make Sidekicks The Napa Valley's Leader in Martial Arts

TAdults / Teen's Taekwondo