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Sidekicks has produced more Taekwondo National Champions than any other school in the Napa Valley for the last 23 years ! Sidekicks has a very talented and committed team of instructors who care about you or your child's Martial Arts experience.Whether it is Taekwondo, Brazilian JiuJitsu, KickBoxing, Muay Thai or Boxing Sidekicks has highly experienced Instructors who care about your Martial Arts journey.

Adults Classes & Children's Classes

Our Mission

​ At SideKicks Martial Arts we  strive to develop strong minds, strong bodies & strong character. We believe that the quality of one’s life can be greatly improved through better physical  fitness, a more focused mind and positive character skills. The added         confidence that comes through knowing how to defend oneself is also a rewarding attribute.

Sidekicks Instructional staff is firmly committed to preparing our students to defend themselves in the real everyday world we live in. Our belief is that preparing students to the best of our  ability today, will help them through life tomorrow &  for the rest of their life's.

 With violence, crime and bullying being common realities in our world, we educate our students on how to avoid falling victim to these modern day plagues. In the event that avoidance measures fail, we prepare our students mentally and physically with practical self-defense skills to deal with these issues as necessary. 

 The Instructional staff at Sidekicks Martial Arts will do everything possible to help you our your child experience the Discipline, Respect & History that our Art was founded on.       

 If you have any questions, we are available to talk anytime. We are very open and look forward to talking with you or assisting you in any way we can. We count it a privilege that you would trust us to invest time into your childs life.                                                 

Matt Weber

Chief  Instructor


Ms. Meaghan Ford (Miss Meaghan)          (AKA) Ultra Mega Tron

2nd Dan

Quality Instruction

Ms. Berenice (Bere) Lara Gonzales

Red Belt

Master Matt Weber (Mr. Weber)

5th Dan Taekwondo

Brandon Andrews (Mr. A)

2nd Dan

About Us

Ms. Judy Ford

Purple Belt